Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology

Free Surgical Eye Camps under National Program & PICO Partners Assistance

Out Reach activities/Free Surgical Eye Camps is one of the approved activity of the NP for PCB KPK.  These activities are planned for the poor of the poorest pockets of the Province. PICO has been successfully running its outreach activities since 2012. Each year 4-5 free surgical eye camps are held in the marginalized areas of the province and about 300 free cataract surgeries are done each year which provides door step eye care facilities to the vulnerable groups of people. 

In this regard in 2016, four free surgical eye camps in the marginalized districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were conducted. First eye camp was held in Agency Headquarter Hospital, Khar, Bajaur Agency from 22-25th February, 2016, 2nd was conducted in 23rd April 2016 at D.I.Khan, 3rd in RHC/DHQH Kohistan from 26-29th April, 2016, and 4th free eye surgical camp was conducted in Tehsil Warhi, District Dir (U) from 23th-27th May, 2016. The details of the patients seen and operated in these camps are given below:-

Free Surgical Eye Camps Data:

S-No    Camp locationDate of camp     Total patientsMedicines givenCataract surgeries N.V Glasses given

1   AHQH KharBajaur22-25 Feb 20162070        1550                 155                       200

2   ChehkanD.I.Khan23 April 2016        450                 280                         15                       150

3   DHQH Kohistan26-29 April, 2016550                 450                          35                        0

4   DHQH WariBajur23-27 May, 2016 610                 500                          55                        0


                                               Total               3680                 2780                 260                      350