Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology

Mass Drug Administration (MDA) of Antibiotic (Azithromicine) Distribution for Trachoma under National Committee for Eye Health Pakistan in Chitral.

Project Objectives:  

1.Trachoma is an infectious eye disease and is a potential cause of blindness in the over 182 million population all around world. National Trachoma Task Force (NTTF); a sub-committee of National Committee for Eye Health (NCEH) Pakistan has conducted trachoma survey in 54 districts of Pakistan under the mandate of WHO, IAPB. The results of which have been projected in the NCEH meeting and shared with the International Trachoma Initiative (ITI). The district Chitral has been found with prevalence of 12% infectious trachoma in 2011 national survey.

2.As a result of trachoma survey, Mass Drug Administration was planned in district Chitral by the NCEH in close coordination with the Provincial Committee for Prevention & Control of Blindness Program Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as per ITI (International Trachoma Initiative) WHO protocol.



1. The project launching of the MDA project was done in September 2017.

2. The planning for MDA distribution was also done in 2017.

3. Drugs were distributed in district Chitral covering almost 4,00000 population out of 425,000 total in September-October, 2017.