Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology

A New Vision for Eye Health in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Period of Agreement: 2016-2019

This Agreement was developed and has been agreed to by representatives of the following bodies:

Pakistan Institute of Community Ophthalmology, The Fred Hollows Foundation (FHF) & SightSavers International  

The proposed project goal is to contribute to sustainable provision and increased demand for eye care services at the district level for people in four districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Targets (2016-2019):  

1.Total of 53000 (major & minor) cataract surgeries in project districts.

2.Screening of 679132 people.

3.Refractive with glasses provision of 399518 people.

4.Awareness raising of 650000 people regarding eye diseases. 

5.Training of 3000 LHWs, 125 Medical Officers & 125 Medical Technicians in PEC.

6.Hiring of 08 optometrists & 08 social organizers.

7.Conducting two research surveys. 

8.Men and women with vision impairment have equal access to eye health services in four districts.

9.Eye health systems strengthened to deliver quality eye health services in four districts.

10.The government commitment to eye health at provincial level increases. 


Progress (2016-2017):  

1.08 optometrists & 08 social organizers have been hired and deputed in project districts. 

2.One research survey to have a data to compare it with the project progress has been conducted. 

3.Training of 3000 LHWs, 125 MOs and 125 MTs heave been completed.

4.Essential ophthalmic equipment has been provided to DHQ hospital Eye Department for System Strengthening. 

5.Optical shops in the project districts have been established.

6.Progress against other targets:

a) Screening                     62,220

b) Refractions                   20001

c) Awareness Session             69

d) Major Surgeries                818

e) Minor Surgeries                989